Little Spoon (myself and Anoushka Athique) exhibited ‘Doubtful Sound’, an installation/work in progress at Antenna Studios in Crystal Palace in March ’10.

Using image and music already loaded in our social consciousness and building on the marvel of exploration, we attempted to capture the wonder of seeing something for the first time.

Playing with scale and perception, combined theatrically with light and sound Doubtful Sound offers you the chance to ‘re-see’ parts of the world, creating a series of fictional memories.


Vintage hair

February 22, 2010

Since I’ve been dancing Lindy Hop, for the past year i’ve been exposed to a world of incredible hair arrangements from bygone days. Beautiful, intricate and incredibly time consuming, these were clearly days of little washing and much sculpting.
Watch this space for ‘repro’ hair ‘do’s that I come across, and an attempt to recreate an atmosphere of old photographic portraits.

Here is the finished ‘Two little dickie birds’ nursery rhyme illustration.

A friend of mine just bought two doves which are living in the garden, after studying pictures of blue tits while researching this drawing – I think I’d really like a little bird or two at home to be friends with!

Screen printing

December 17, 2009

Some eight years ago my loving parents sent me off to London with an A-Z dated 1973 to find my way about. I realised quite quickly that it was a useless beautiful object and it has never left my bookshelf since.

Silk screen print on vintage A-Z pages, a limited few are available to purchase, contact me for details!

‘Old Dears’ and ‘River Birds’


‘Beasts of London’

Ladies and Gents

November 28, 2009


Nursery Rhymes

November 28, 2009

this little piggy2WEB
I have been working on these nursery rhymes for far too long. Perhaps putting them up here will help me to finish them. Plus the many delights of my new studio! I’m enlisting some help with the typography, so hopefully more like this to follow soon!

Kate and Fred 28/08/09

August 27, 2009

This a drawing of the very soon to be Mr and Mrs Higginson for their wedding.