I am a small illustrator with a big pencil, a thimblefull of ink and a wintery forest of ideas.  This could be the calm before the storm as I can feel a roaring torrent of drawings bubbling within.  – For now you will have to be satisfied with this trickle as i clumsily digitalise my very analogue back catalogue onto the Big Internet.

I started drawing for myself again a year ago and the cogs of creativity are shaking off their cobwebs and moving again as I attempt to regress to the olden days and days and days of drawing at Alice’s Drawing Table piled high with cheap A4 paper, tossing picture after picture over my shoulder. I’m not quite there yet, – perhaps thats a good thing.  These days i spend longer thinking and longer inventing challenges for myself, here you will see what comes out of these hands at my new drawing table here in east london.

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2 Responses to “About”

  1. Ana (Mexico) said

    WOW.. Really good!!!
    I like it alot

  2. Your drawings are exquisite, i forget how truly talented and beautiful you are. I think you have such amazing things ahead. lots of love. x

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